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As a home owner you are sure to have a seasonal and annual maintenance and repair checklist that you work off of to ensure that your home is well-maintained—and protected against the elements. While some of your ongoing maintenance and repairs will need to be conducted by a profes... READ MORE >>

  Why an Independent Insurance Agent is Right For You -- While you turn to Auto, Home, and Business insurance for peace of mind, and as a safeguard you hope to never need—the agency you select is just as important as the coverage you select. READ MORE >>

If you are renting an apartment or home, don't assume that your landlord will replace your personal items in the event of a claim. Many polls show that only one-third of all people who rent actually carry renters insurance. The most common remarks for not obtaining a policy are: 1. READ MORE >>

  Have you ever dreamed of building a customized home from scratch? If so, there are a few things to consider when it comes to making sure it is properly insured. Insuring an existing home is much different than a home under construction. READ MORE >>

  For most people their home is their most valuable asset and with an annual review consumers can save money, make sure they have the proper coverage, and can be prepared for a natural disaster. Here are the basicis that you should consider when doing your annual homeowners insurance audit: READ MORE >>

How energy efficient is your home? Here are several of the most effective ways to save energy  — and money — at home. Have you taken these simple steps to becoming a more ‘green’ homeowner? Ditch those old light bulbs. READ MORE >>

Most of us don’t give much thought to our homeowner’s insurance coverage after we purchase our homes and assume all policies are the same.  It’s easy to see why: For those of us with a mortgage, the cost of homeowner’s insurance is rolled into our monthly mortgage payment. READ MORE >>

Planning a getaway? Whether your destination is Disneyland or a secluded spot in the Rockies, there are some things you can do to keep your home safe while you’re away. Don’t worry, none of them involve hiring a security guard or setting up booby traps of “Home Alone” proportions. READ MORE >>

Let’s be honest: We’ve all pushed the limit. When the posted speed has been 65 mph, we’ve gone 75 mph. And when we’ve spotted police flashers in the distance, we’ve taken our foot off the accelerator and thanked heaven that we weren’t the ones rummaging for a driver’s license or vehicle registration. READ MORE >>

Your insurance agent may be one of the last people you think you need to consult when shopping for a home. But you should view your insurance agent as an important partner in the home buying process, just like your real estate agent and mortgage lender. Why? READ MORE >>

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